Soldier of Fortune magazine

Last issue of Soldier of Fortune in printed form

Soldier of Fortune (SOF), is a periodicalmonthly mercenary magazine devoted to worldwide reporting of wars, includingconventional warfare, low-intensity warfare,counter insurgency and counter-terrorism. SOF magazine is published by the Omega Group Ltd., in Boulder, Colorado.


Soldier of Fortune magazine was founded in 1975, by Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Army Reserve, (Ret.) Robert K. Brown, a Green Beret who served with Special Forces in Vietnam. After retiring from active duty, Brown began publishing a “circular”, magazine type publication with few pages, which contained information on mercenary employment. Soon evolved into a glossy, large-format, full color magazine.


The April 2016 issue of Soldier of Fortune was the final edition to appear in print form. Future editions of the magazine will only be distributed online.


After you finished the Soldier of Fortune video game, you will se the cover of the magazine with John F. Mullins on cover.

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