The M16A3 is a weapon that appears in Soldier of Fortune: Payback


The M16 family.


The M16A3 at the Weapon Selection Scren

The M16A3 can be equipped at the start of the second level and can be picked up from enemies. It is highly recommended to use this weapon along with the AK-47 due to enemies using both during the campaign extensively. The player will not have to worry about running out of ammunition due to the abundance left by enemies. Players can also set the weapon to burst fire mode to keep from wasting ammo.

The M16A3 is best used with A player's preference of sight (reflex providing the clearest picture) and a grenade launcher. 

  • It should be noted that the M16A3 is not actually an A3 model rather it is the M16A4.
  • The M16A4 in reality is a burst fire/ semi auto weapon only. The developers for the game most likely got it confused with the A4 model due to their similar appearances.
  • The M16A3 was most likely included to be a successor/ callback to Soldier of Fortune II's M16A2. Ironically, the M16A3 in reality is an M16A2 converted to fire full auto
  • Bizzarley, when an M16A3 is picked up in the campaign it will have no iron sights whatsoever. This would mean that the shooter would not be able to accurately hit any ranged target.
  • The M16A3 is one of the few weapons in game to have its real world name technically.