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Hawk (real name Aaron Parsons) is a character in Soldier of Fortune.


Frequently partnered with John Mullins, Hawk is one of the most highly specialized and resourceful members that The Shop has at its disposal. Although Hawk is a huge mountain of a man, he is also very quick, cunning, and deadly, something that many of his enemies do not realize until it is too late for them.


Hawk joins Mullins on missions in Kosovo, Iraq, and Sudan. While in Sudan he gets captured by Sergei Dekker, leader of The Order. Dekker kills Hawk to get revenge on John Mullins for killing his brother Wilhelm.



Hawk wird oft als Partner von John Mullins angeheuert und ist eines der spezialisiertesten und effektivsten Mitlieder, die der LADEN zur Verfügung hat. Obwohl Hawk ein Berg von einem Mann ist, ist er dennoch flink, mutig und gefährlich - etwas, was viele seiner Gegner erst merken, wenn es zu spät ist.


Souvent associé à John Mullins, Hawk est l'un des membres les plus spécialisés et les plus efficaces du Magasin. Malgré sa carrure de colosse, Hawk est rapide, malin et incisif. Autant de qualités dont ses ennemis pourraient témoigner s'ils n'en avaient pas fait les frais.Template:Infobox Character

Aaron Hawk Parsons is a character in Soldier of Fortune and friend to John Mullins. He is killed by Sergei Dekker during the missile site raid in Sudan.


Grew up in inner city Detroit and later fought in Desert Storm. Parsons is considered one of the army’s best demolitions specialists. He is frequently partnered with John Mullins on jobs coming from the Shop. Hawk is a valuable source of information. His conversations with John Mullins offer advice, tips and useful information throughout the game.

He is voiced by the late actor Michael Clark Duncan, known for his portrayal of John Coffey in the movie The Green Mile.