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"If you want a job done right, you do it yourself".
-Dekker before the final battle

Dekker (real name Sergei Dekker) is a character in Soldier of Fortune.


Dekker is the mysterious leader of The Order, a terrorist group determined to gain world domination. Ruling with an iron fist, Dekker demands respect from his minions.

Years ago, Sergei was a colonel in apartheid-era South Africa, and part of Project Kraal: A top secret program that produced 7 nuclear weapons in South Africa. Although intended to provide deterrence against its regional neighbors, Dekker planned to use them to gain leverage against the UN and lift the embargoes.

Upon the fall of apartheid and the dismantling of South African nuclear weapons, Dekker was exiled for his radical plans. He vowed revenge against the UN and the United States, believing the sanctions responsible for the fall of apartheid and his exile. To this end, he would create The Order, a white supremacist organization focused on advancing his plans, and have his brother, Wilhelm Dekker, take control of the Ministry of Sin stateside.

Within ten years, Dekker turned the Order into an invisible, yet powerful force on the global stage. A daring attack on a remote nuclear stockpile near Kazan in Russia provided him with four nuclear weapons that he promptly sold to buyers across the world. The limitless wealth would serve as the means to achieve his goals: Achieve nuclear capability and destroy the UN, holding the world hostage.

John Mullins, at The Shop's orders, would cut these plans short, stopping the launch and killing Dekker in the Schwarzwald castle he purchased with his ill-gotten gains.



Dekker is encountered primarily through cutscenes. He finally appears as a foe in the end, as a boss fight: He can take a lot of beating, uses an unique microwave emitter and has the support of sub-mounted autocannons.



Dekker ist der mysteriöse Anführer der ORDER, einer Terroristengruppe, die die Weltherrschaft an sich reißen will. Dekker führt seine Truppe mit eiserner Faust und verlangt bedingungslosen Respekt von seinen Anhängern.


Dekker est le chef mystérieux de l'Ordre, une organisation terroriste déterminée à conquérir la domination du monde. Dirigeant son organisation d'une main de fer, Dekker exige le respect de ses subalternes.