The CAR-12 is a weapon that appears in Soldier of Fortune: Payback

The CAR-12 is a semi automatic rifle that can be equipped when the player reaches the prison camp in the game. The rifle has excellent ammo economy due to its semi auto nature. The rifle has excellent accuracy and no recoil. This rifle effectively is a high capacity sniper on assault rifle form. It is highly recommended to equip a long range scope to take out unsuspecting foes.


The CAR-12 during the weapon selection screen.

CAR 12

The LRP -07

  • The CAR-12 is based on the real life JP Enterprises LRP-07
  • The LRP in game was made to look similar to the M16 family of weapons as it was given a smooth handguard, carry handle, and M16A2 stock.
  • It is the only Assault Rifle to be semi automatic by default.
  • In reality the CAR-12 would be considered a Battle Rifle due to firing a heavier cartridge.