The ALX is a pistol that appears in Soldier of Fortune: Payback.

The ALX is unique in that it is the only 3 round burst pistol in the entire game. This makes it able to dish out high amounts of damage in each burst. The weapon is unlocked late into the game at the Brothel chapter and can be used but not modified. The ALX is very powerful but it's main drawback is it's reload time. The ALX reloads very uniquely as all four of its barrels must be replaced and the animation cannot be interrupted, leaving players an open target for enemies. It is best advised to run for cover if needing to reload and to stock in between engagements.


The ALX at the weapon selection screen.


The MetalStorm VLE.

  • The ALX is based on the MetalStorm VLE.
  • Soldier of Fortune holds the distinction for being the only videogame to feature the VLE.
  • MetalStorm's weapons always have ammunition contained in the barrels of their weapons. This is why Mason always loads barrels into the weapon.
  • In reality, the VLE's barrels each held lethal and non lethal ammunition as opposed to the one in game firing live ammo.
  • As with many weapons made by MetalStorm, the VLE posses a high fire rate in game.